This actually keeps it SIMPLE, with “Sleep duration. . .fitness. . .”: If this is at all fascinating to you, go ahead and download the app and give me your general thoughts, not current health facts as that would violate HIPAA (health privacy laws) as well as ethical college student research laws;IMG_7125

A Must-See! This is the article I am focusing on tonight.

So, yes, “computers” as in smartphones…apps. This particular one is called Glow. Users can have an experience with this app just like any other topic/interest, and although it’s not a game, it can be fun depending on your need for it, your desire to learn about your own health, or fun in the sense that it can help you and your wife conceive. Again I do not have proof in front of me that this app can track reproductive ability, but so far I agree with it–I agree with the “fitness” aspect. I will try to download it tonight in order to learn more about what they mean by “proximity to heat”, and I recommend you all download this app, and please only enjoy sexual activity RESPONSIBLY (never ever coerce anyone–believe it or not in marriages the people are coercing their spouse into having children), and never procreate out of pure curiosity…just like I would tell women not to become a surrogate mother out of CURIOSITY–I tried to do that and luckily the Surrogacy facilities (boutique ones and larger/commercial/franchise ones do not allow females to do the program if they have never had a successful biological pregnancy with biological Labor & Delivery of her own FIRST.

In any event, please notice the button in the app that says “Male user? Click here!” I will be clicking this even though I am 110% FEMALE, for the purpose of my 12-week-long research.