I do my own thing and mind my business in my life…then people wonder why I’m happy? It’s because I mind my own business. Lately I’ve been working on getting my mixture patented. This morning I tested it again of course…around 10 AM after a good sleep after being awake at 2:30AM walking the dog (he loves it). Clearly I did not take my Melatonin supplement (they are gummies and really fun to take), and that was because it’s Finals Week and we need to stay awake to study. December is off to a great start.

I met someone new and he is the most handsome, sweetest, gorgeous man ever…details to come. Just when you think you will never find love again, your patience pays off. At 31 years old I was ready to meet him and when he asked for my number I was on cloud-10. His name is Maurice and he is from Atlanta.

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