I’m thinking I want a software engineering job instead of the restaurant job I have now. I bring home lots of money, but it takes more than a lot to make a living. Good thing I’m a Junior in college, instead of just day-dreaming about developing. I respect those who choose to not finish a degree, but I have to–I have to have a good quality of life as well as continue to give $ to humanitarian projects. I live alone with my awesome dog in a gorgeous, peaceful home…but my father helps me pay for it, and I would like to someday in the near future pay for it on my own, since I pay for almost everything else by myself.  So many companies want an SQL Developer, so I’m teaching myself what this even is. Hopefully I will land a hospital software developer job which is what my concentration is in school (I finished all of it), so I can finally advance out of the #serverLife. I work at what I think is the busiest restaurant in Atlanta, and I am grateful for our guests. I luv them. These types of jobs are not meant to be life-long careers and I’m excited for the future whether I stay there and advance to management, or work in what I’ve been educated for.