I honestly don’t remember the date I met my boyfriend Joe but I don’t care about little sentimental stuff like that when this boy’s smile is my favorite thing in life! And the way I fit perfectly into his arms like a little pearl in a clam shell. I love being in a relationship because of the little things, I mean slowly but surely I’ll end up doing ALL his laundry (so far only socks haha), like when I missed him I literally held his dirty socks to my face HAHA I’m almost SUCH A WEIRDO.  And I like that I have a food item in the fridge just for him (something organic/healthy since he likes those things right now). If I ever have the six children that I want, I think all of their favorite foods will have their names written in Sharpie marker on the packaging or Tupperware, and there won’t even be room in the fridge for leftovers, but if so those will be labeled too…what a mess it will be and I’m so shamelessly daydreaming.


I found out tonight that my undergraduate research abstract is still under review and is among 80 submissions from my university (KSU) to NCUR (Council on Undergraduate Research) which is hosting a conference that is set to be at University of Central Oklahoma this April. If my abstract is chosen, then I am the one who is funded to go on this big trip and officially present my awesome research! I’m proud to have even made it this far and my genuine interest in my topic will hopefully take me places, even if I don’t win this time. I will find out by the middle of February if I am the one chosen, but forms are already being filled out just in case (not really but kinda).


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