Yesterday evening I attempted to answer a few C Sharp questions from the same young lady  who always looks to me for any help. Then she ends up figuring it out mostly on her own! You can do anything you set your mind to.

I totally vibe with this Gothic girl, and you all should remember that it’s not about what someone does, it’s about who they are at the core. If you make a million dollars and you’re preppy or have pale pink Adidas and pearl earrings, but I’m not vibing with you, what does it matter how you look?

The funniest thing all day to me was when she RAN through the lab (loud stomps) in her big platform shoes, I mean it was funny but not in a bad way…just interesting. I was in a serious moment with a Java tutor whose name no one can pronounce, so we shorten it to “Jayanth” and he calls curly braces “Flower Braces” so now I intend to call them that ALL the time just to annoy other Developers. It does, trust me. I started laughing when I heard her running even through the closed steel door, and then saw her black hair and black corset whisk by outside of the indoor window separating one room from another.

I swear one second she was sitting next to me, and then all of a sudden GONE as she must have remembered something that was urgent. Just laughing but with all respect, and I told her to her face she was funny…I hope I graduate on the same day as her because there is nobody better.

(If you are reading this, you are the illest, and cheers to more frustrating coding.)

Tip of the Day: Physics is also part of Game Developing and we even use settings like “kinematic”. Position, Velocity, Inertia, Forces. You are typing these things subconsciously at this point. You just type the lines of code, but do it with purpose and don’t make mistakes.

//calculate the position in earth space

//calculate the new rotation quaternion:


Bodies[i].qOrientation + = (Bodies[i].qOrientation  *

. . .etc.



mag = Bodies[i]