IMG_2129I have a favorite thing at school. This book shelf. Just look at it! It is a Game Developer’s dream! Every book and textbook you could possibly need as a Programmer for leisure reading or academic C# programming purposes, is perfectly placed on these shelves that are FULL. My father went to and graduated from Georgia Tech and he even said that when he was there they did not do as complicated programming as I am doing in school. I don’t get a break! It’s 8-9 programs due every week. Let me catch my breath for a minute! It’s actually relaxing and satisfiying so I don’t really need to “catch my breath” and girls can do anything men can do! I am still one of only a handful of females in a Software Engineering college–it’s not a cakewalk to be surrounded by boys every weekday! I am embracing it and making the best of it (enjoying and looking out for my friends at school), and all hard work pays off!!

Peace out for now,