I believe that I have reached a conclusion in my research which was originally expected to take 12 weeks. I’m extremely happy because MY OWN hypothesis that I thought of today ended up being what other studies have concluded, pointing to one main idea that we were all right about. Without talking about Zinc plus Folate, I will just go ahead and say that Zinc alone is a huge nourishment, if you will, in the development of sperm which starts in the testes. This is simply science, and even though it sounds like common sense to those of you who are medically-inclined, it was much easier said than done to reach this conclusion, and even more difficult for me to come up with this hypothesis…but I was DETERMINED! The sperm stars must have aligned today, because even without a laboratory, or bodily fluids, or even vitamins to break down and view under microscopes (that violates ethics laws on research as a student) I was able to narrow down to ONE SINGLE NUTRIENT as the proven thing that when a lack of is present, there will be a decrease in sperm, or at least motility issues, quality issues, or problem in development in the testes as far as oxidative damage. When foods say “antioxident” take it to heart! If anyone is interested in further discussion of this, I will have time to give plenty more information. Opinions are welcome, and even though I have reached a conclusion for this ONE hypothesis of mine, my research will continue for the next two weeks. No image is even needed for this post–I am just excited and the findings speak for themselves; Sources include a 2009 study published in “Nutrition Research”.

I feel that this type of in-depth research takes much motivation and passion, on top of patience that one already has been trained in.