1. (Bisphenol A aka BPA is an additive to plastics found in many household products. “It can lower sperm counts and motility.”) What other chemicals lower sperm motility?

2. What chemicals do we come into contact with every day such as ones that seep into   food from their packaging?

3. (With my topic, anyone can investigate problems of infertility in men! Think of your own question for me or for the world, here:_____________________________

4. Does age in a woman matter more than we were previously told?

5. Computer Analysis in helping men create life.

6. Getting accurate representation of a male’s sperm count is critical if he is ever thinking of procreating, so here are some more solutions or hypotheses by myself (Valerie M.):

  • Acupuncture?
  • Zinc in the male’s diet?
  • Other minerals of vitamins affecting motility greatly?
  • The flushing of Estrogen Oral Contraceptives into the oceans/Traces staying in the public bodies of water? Is this hormone still in the water supply of men? I believe it has been at many different times, but I want to research for the answer. (So far the study by Brunel University showed that tap water is safe. Does this prove that most of the oestrogenic contaminants are from FOOD instead.

Some ideas of mine from left field (excuse the American idiom):

  1. Maybe the reduction in Red Meat consumption causes a drop in sperm count over time (Time in this case means 30 years): So a man who went “Vegan” in 1992 at 20 years old, is now 45 years old and almost sterile? This of course is not the only reason he would have become sterile.

One of my hypotheses early on in my Fall Semester research (technically it is still Summer, on September 18th, and in Atlanta Georgia feels like Summer) was: Is it possible that a simple lack of a certain nutrient, such as Zinc, cause lack of sperm over the decades or a few years? As of today I have concluded this hypothesis, but still must organize ALL of my research, and into a typed up chart preferably and so am not out by the pool, but rather wearing warm house clothes with the AC blasting because that is what Americans like, and in large countries like mine, we have deadlines. Does it sound like I resent that I could not splash in the cool water of the pools today? I do. But…

Onward and upward!! (No sperm punn intended.)