A Strange Hypothesis; Please Click Here

That is a link to a video. This blog post can be set to Private, to not be publicly seen since it is very specific and more medical-related, but there is no real reason to not share information with the world.

My day in general looked like this:

I went to my doctor because I felt sick, but now we think it is only Allergies, so I picked up my prescriptions such as Claritin, and Flonase and I’m feeling better.

My dog has had four walks today, if you include the one at 2 AM when I “needed fresh air” after I ate straight up Habanero Peppers. I like spicy food, but it was dangerous of me to just start taking bites alone in my home…apparently. Anyway, my dog’s Neutering incision has healed completely it looks like, and he got a sudsy bath today (sudzy).