Maybe I should have used algorithms to navigate my dating life before I ended up on a vacation in the college town of UNC Chapel Hill this past Summer, in love with two guys at the same time HAHA it’s not funny though (photo below of Nevzat and Darrell YEARS ago). They aren’t close friends these days, so it wasn’t too weird that when my relationship ended with Nevy, Darrell pursued me. Both of them actually come to Atlanta for different reasons…(continued below)usl-ball-648x374NevyAndDarrell2011_n

Nevy (on your left) graduated from UNCG in 2013, and Darrell dropped out of the same campus…his younger sister is now a National Champion; Women’s Basketball NCAA for UNC Asheville. These guys come from solid families but I was needing more for my future even though Nevy is one of my soulmates. My Summer was AMAZING because I loved Nevy SO HARD. When a close friend and colleague of his family passed away at age 26, everyone was overcome with grief and we could not figuratively bounce back in working on our new relationship…

…but here we are, moving on with life, and let’s open our minds to intelligence and acquiring more skills in Math and Science, rather than opening our hearts to love;

Using Soccer as an example first, and someone else’s idea, and then using the finding romantic partnerships to bring this research method down to earth again;

“1st Algorithm: 1×2 (Outcome of the game)
– points
– games with similar opponents
– last games
– home & away games
– other quantifiable factors (weather, pitch, presence and absence of certain players).

2nd Algorithm: Scores
This uses mathematical models such as :-
– Modified Dixon & Coles model

It also considers the following to predict scores:-
1. Current season matches(results and % of points):
1.1 all matches
1.2 all matches at home/away
1.3 last 6 matches
1.4 last 3 matches at home/away
1.5 all goals
1.6 all goals at home/away
1.7 goals at last 6 matches
1.8 goals at last 3 matches at home/away
1.9 matches between both teams at last 3 years
1.10 matches vs similar opponents
1.11 injured and disqualified players”

Now…some of you will be able to take these ordinary day type of algorithm workings to understand where I am taking my research now–there is still a question of why do Males in America have drastically fewer sperm than other countries. I at first concluded that they were lacking Zinc, or Zinc plus Folate…but that can’t be the only MAIN REASON, since I am sure Australia and West Africa are not consuming more vitamins and minerals…at least not more of that vitamin.