Today I went down to my pool….because, let’s face it, as Programmers we get almost pasty white. I got a little tan and I was planning on that being my last swim day of the year. A very petite toddler named Olive was interested in everything I was doing and wanted to offer me marshmallows from her big bag. “You left your marshmallow bag over here.” …she had forgotten about her treats as she analyzed the water temperature and made sure I was OK and asked me if the marshmallow was “delicious”. My boyfriend Nate (KSU c/o 2014 I AM SO PROUD OF YOU) has already heard this precious story (so I’m sorry if you are reading it again, darling). Her name “Olive” had to be repeated over and over again as her outgoing and sweet mother corrected her behavior of pushing the large Dragonfly into the pool. >_<


…Today we are  mourning the loss of many Americans in a horrific massacre in Las Vegas that is all the fault of a psychopath. I have taken a short break from my Fertility research even though some of you have really been learning from me here–just a few days without looking for new facts , out of respect for the tragedy in a city that has been close to my heart for years. UNLV was my second choice of schools where I wanted to go for a degree in Computer Science. In the past few years they have added on the Minor in Information Technology…

Right now I’m reading about Gamification, for class tomorrow…Gamified Requirements Engineering Model.

I will get back to my [drastic drop in Sperm count in the West] Sperm research or at least  create a Predictor Model by the end of the weekend. This should all be thought of in a positive way.