This post is more on the personal level than you should expect from my blog in the future; It’s a sweet post…read on please;

I’m so attached so fast to my Lovey Nate and I call him that now even though he is [the appropriate level of] dominating, respected, successful, and a true man’s man (lovey is what babies call their security blankets or teddies in the UK, Ireland. . .) And this can be related to my medical research because it’s about Oxytocin…(hormones are essential for reproduction)

…the bonding chemical that is even stronger in a female’s brain. As far as my Male fertility research it is only informative in that this chemical (AKA the synthetic created Pitocin during Labor & Delivery that induces) is ultimately responsible for conception when it’s not coerced, and absolutely not a part of procreation when the act of intercourse is forced…that is a tangent, but: “Hormone: A chemical substance produced in the body that controls and regulates the activity of certain cells or organs.” Here are the facts and the facts that lead to my thoughts;

If a woman has been intimate with excessive men, her supply of Oxytocin (literally) will diminish and I don’t know who here is religious, but that is not God’s will. A woman should WAIT for her future spouse, not have teen sex or sleep around in her twenties…I waited and you can tell I’m like HARD-WIRED to Nathan and I’m sure he appreciates it…except when he’s busy working, or designing [website stuff]–I love texting him and that’s a different story but can really bother a guy when he’s trying to focus on his livelihood and career or simply watch TV (you guys know you like to just kick back and watch shows or football haha), but when I’m with him I’m so focused and passionate (sorry TMI, classmates…but this is science at the end of the day and you know it)! It’s like I saved not only my heart (figuratively of course–I’m not into supernatural junk here), but also my Oxytocin…and we don’t walk around saying the phrase, “My Oxytocin” but it’s so true and PhD’s and Scientists know that the brain can become seared/desensitized to the attraction it should have toward a soul-mate or otherwise romantic partner…when getting close to others sexually happens too frequently. In my opinion it does not take much to sear this precious, natural bonding element.

Some women (and no judgement) have become desensitized through giving their bodies away to the wrong men and/or too many men, to the point where they no longer recognize attraction for their “meant to be” or suitor, or match.

My point is driven home (sorry for the American idiom) by saying that Nate knows how into him I am–my body language and the expression of “I need you” instead of “Oh hey” and keep walking in the other direction. When I melt into him it’s because that chemical in my brain wants to bond or is already bonded to him, and would be even more so if we were in a lifelong covenant marriage (marr***e, bleeeep out the commitment word because we just met this past Summer haha). The Oxytocin bond from an orgasm lasts 72 full hours, and the consequences of that powerful bond can go on for up to one(1) year. In other words, and I hate this phrase since I’m a Feminist, SHE WILL BE CRAZY attached if you take it to this level (remember, college students, that sex should be reserved only for relationships with a deep trust and love at the least). I am not encouraging sex among Youth, in fact Nate and I are both College graduates, Honor graduates with much work experience, and never ever pressure each other–I choose to wait until after my wedding if a wedding is reasonable in my future circumstances, and I’ve worked hard so I think it is very likely I will have a grand ceremony etc. in the not-so-far-off future. Whether your girlfriend is crazy or not, you will see the effects for at least 72 hours (SCIENCE! don’t blame me) if she WAITED for you her whole life. CzGNuQzWEAEEoHe

**None of this is a stereotype of women like “they get more attached than guys” no, these are scientific facts of how a creator designed the female body and/or soul: females feel emotional pain more intensely than males, and so on. There is even a quote I posted to my Twitter last year: “There is nothing in the world like the devotion of a married woman. It is a thing no married man knows anything about.” – Oscar Wilde

**(also that chemical has been released just by hand-holding even if the girl’s boyfriend is not of good character–it’s the trust hormone, in other words)

***note that this is also a reason I pursue a future non-profit career as a Humanitarian for Anti-Child-Marriage–I want all girls to be able to look forward to falling in love when they grow up, to be allowed to feel wonderful emotion for a man they CHOSE, like the way I am free to love Nate who is close in age to me and chose me, instead of teens in the US, India, and Pakistan being forced into arranged marriages even after begging their parents “don’t make me go”. If I have the freedom to feel healthy emotion in a healthy relationship, then I will do everything in my power to protect these young girls’ freedom as well.

**No I have not consummated our non-existent marriage, I’m just saying healthy Fertility + healthy chemical bond = AWESOME, and is almost a BIAS in research…so ONWARD AND UPWARD

…and let’s all avoid bias as we finish the last six or seven weeks of our individual research topics. As we were reminded in Lecture today, interest in our topics can result in bias, but there are techniques to avoid that.

**It’s actually easier to stay faithful to a partner when you have MUCH of this love hormone still to be released…so save it for the right one and you can have a lifelong or long-lasting relationship filled with more sex than couples around you.

Thanks for reading. Cheers!

Copyright 2017 Valerie Martin