I have my two conclusions, one of which was my own strong hypothesis (guess) and one that is backed by researchers in different countries. I have no need to even elaborate on this information written in this magazine article, because it is explained well;


For this 4000 level Software Engineering class we are going to be designing tri-fold posters or regular posters of our research project whether or not we have reached a conclusion and/or solution.

…the last time I created a poster presentation like this was when I was in a Health Sciences program at the two-year college I graduated from. Of course my project then was about a medical illness, in fact it was over one that some babies are born with. Those types of projects are not easy to make a good grade on, and those Healthcare majors are not easy to graduate from. I think that Software interests me slightly more than the idea of working in Healthcare, so if I had to choose one I would design my own software and treat it like my baby for years afterward. I hope you all have this type of interest in software engineering, and I know some of you are Seniors who have almost completed a degree in this. I am proud of you for that, and maybe we can work together someday on something not-so-spermy.