It’s going to be Thanksgiving soon–what I want to do is “Cotton Candy Chronicles” or hashtag cottonCandyChronicles which would simply involve me saying one thing I am “thankful for” in a video as I eat cotton candy (posting it on the platform Instagram). The problem with that is I don’t want to constantly be eating the sugary fluff—I don’t desire it that much, but should be acknowledging things and people I am thankful for. One time Nate and I told each other we were thankful for each other…I think that was toward the end of August several days after we met. Is this why they say date someone for ALL FOUR SEASONS before you tie the KNOT? Maybe he is only grateful for me in the Summer.

I was planning to proofread my own research, but in my case that seems to be more numbers. I have to get to the point. There would be no sense in me getting up in front of our class and rambling. As far as focusing on a few conclusions, and not writing about tangents with fertility, I have done well. Sometimes I feel like telling you all my ideas and theories, but trust me when I say those are tangents and could negatively affect my grade and my overall quality of research and reputation.