…speaking of cotton candy in my last post, here is a PC game for children that I will literally play if I get that bored. But we are the developers behind these types of things. I have developed a healthcare smartphone app along with another upperclassman from KSU, and yeah, maybe it does come easy for us, but even then, if you don’t have a motivation, it probably won’t happen.

I would give Barisua credit for the phone app design or coding that was completed by the deadline, accept that she was in fact on a high speed chase after an 18 year old boy sideswiped her Matte Purple muscle car on the freeway. She finally caught up to him after following him as he escaped at two different Exits! He was charged with hit and run or G-d knows what, and she was eventually given the insurance money that she badly wanted to fix her car, enough that she risked her life in chasing him. I told her I was proud of her which is an example of my weird personality Haha, and we got 100 as a grade on our App for Healthcare IT/Electronic Health Records class. Anyway, here is a PC game called Kid’s Day Cotton Candy, which in my opinion, can actually help teach little ones that not all jobs are easy:

Play this on your desktop or laptop where you already have Adobe Flash downloaded.

Cheers to more game developing!